About Us

The product we offer came into being because we needed a place to contain the large amount of recyclables that our family generates each week. We are a family of five, and due to recycling, we only put out one bag of non-recyclable trash each week. This is a major reduction of waste and I hope that by inventing this container, people will use it to help reduce the negative impact consumption and waste have on our environment.

A search for a container that fit our needs turned up nothing, so I decided to build a portable recycling container for use in the home. I was happy with my new container, and realized that maybe others would find it useful as well. In fact, I realized my recycling container would also be a valuable asset in other places, such as offices and schools.

So Susan and I formed our company, Harleman Products, for the purpose of bringing the linkable, foldable, portable recycling container to others who will find it as useful as we do.

Together, we can all make a very big difference in conserving our environment.


David & Susan Harleman
Harleman Products