Harleman Products’ HARPRO MiddleMan portable containers are unique in the industry. Use one unit for mixed recycling, or link units to form a two-, three- or more unit combination for separating recyclables or laundry. When needed, you can fold these units for easy storage. Reusable bags are the way of the future. Our reusable polypropylene bags used for recycling are made from recycled material and come with a lifetime guarantee. The burlap bags used for laundry are made from jute, a biodegradable material. Also, bags can be purchased separately, without the frame. Our goal is to make it simple to recycle on a daily basis, and to separate laundry. These multi-purpose containers make this easy and are a perfect solution for environmental awareness and conservation in the home, office, apartment, dormitory, school, or wherever they may be used.

Recycling drastically reduces the negative impact consumption and waste have on our environment.
We can all help maintain our planet by the very simple act of recycling!

Why is this product named “MiddleMan”

People are encouraged to recycle more when they have a user friendly container that can be kept near, in the open, and used as a “go-between” for the person recycling and the destination of the recycled material. We appropriately named that “go-between” container ”Middleman.” Just put the recyclables in the container, lift the reusable bag from the frame, take the bag to its destination, whether a curbside container in the garage, on the side of the house, or a community recycling center, and return the bag to the frame.

Thank you!

David Harleman
Harleman Products, LLC

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Burlap Bag

Poly Bag

Recyclable and biodegradable bags

The reusable burlap bags are made from Jute – a tough, durable, biodegradable fiber. The reusable green non-woven polypropylene bags are made from recycled material and can hold all recyclables, regardless of material. This remarkable fabric is recyclable, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and machine washable. Middleman is portable, and you can fold it up with or without the bag in it for easy storage. Units can be linked together to form a two-unit, three-unit or more combinations.

Environmentally friendly frame

The MiddleMan portable recycling container frame is constructed using grade A 3/4″ thick hardwood plywood, with spruce core and a birch veneer face – a man-made engineered product created using wood strands, particles, fibers, or veneers of wood forged together with adhesives to form composite materials often stronger than solid wood. It is more resistant to shrinking, twisting, warping, and cracking.

Environmentally compliant sealant

The environmentally compliant soy based penetrating clear sealer is made from rapidly renewable resources. The bio-based soy esters and modified acrylics deliver true penetration and bonding that simulates conventional solvent based sealers without offgasing or hazardous ingredients. This unique formulation also inherently provides UV, mold, mildew, and moisture resistance for maximum substrate surface protection.

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Bag included with each full unit purchase of 24.99.

Bags can also be purchased separately for 5.99 each.


10 Reasons to Recycle

(1) Good for Our Economy. American companies rely on recycling programs to provide the raw materials they need to make new products.