Benefits of recycling

Main reasons why we recycle:
  1. Conserves natural resources
  2. Decreases ecosystem destruction
  3. Reduces waste and landfill space
  4. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  5. Shrinks other forms of pollution
  6. Saves energy
  7. Creates jobs
Environmental Benefits of Recycling:
  1. Reduces the number of natural resources we have to gather
  2. Lowers the amount of waste we create and send to landfills
  3. Decreases the number of delicate ecosystems impacted by resource extraction
  4. Reduces the number of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere
  5. Lowers the overall pollution of our air, water, and land by not extracting new resources every time we need something
Economic Benefits of Recycling:
  1. Reduces the need to create new landfill space
  2. Increases the investment in eco-friendly infrastructure
  3. Improves resource allocation to recycling programs and facilities
  4. Reduces waste by converting garbage and recycling
  5. Grows the circular economy involved in all reduce, reuse, and repurpose activities
  6. Saves money by lowering how often people need to buy brand-new items
Social Benefits of Recycling:
  1. Improves public health
  2. Increases in our shared purpose of caring for the planet
  3. Improves communal spirit
  4. Increases the number of people and businesses committed to eco-friendly practices
  5. Enhances people’s sense of purpose by contributing to improving their community and world