Our Story

Our family generates large amounts of recyclable material each week. We needed a user-friendly container that could be modified for more or less space and fold for easy storage. A search for a container that fit our needs turned up nothing, so I designed a modular, folding container made from eco-friendly materials. Our bamboo frames are renewable, the reusable recycling bags are made from recycled material, and the burlap bags are biodegradable. Choosing to use these sustainable materials leaves a much smaller footprint when it comes to depleting new resources and creating more waste. We are a family of six, and by using our new recycling container, we only put out one bag of non-recyclable trash each week. This is a huge reduction in waste, and I realized it would be useful for other people. So I formed Harleman Products for the purpose of bringing the modular, folding, portable container to others who will find it as useful.

Thank you,
David Harleman
Harleman Products LLC